Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Brand: A Sense of Belonging

For some, a freebie T-shirt is perfect to wear when mowing the lawn, completing a honey-do list, or sleeping in.  But for many others, that same T-shirt can mean so much more. 

Sporting a brand or team logo offers a sense of belonging and pride!  Whether its a shirt, mug, blanket, sunglasses or jersey, branding provides a sense of belonging and unity.
For hundreds of years, dedicated fans have associated themselves with brands through apparel and other logo goodies. Little league players and parents alike wear team and spirit gear with pride to support their teammates and promote sportsmanship.  From the playground to the playing field, athletes of all ages use promotional marketing without even realizing the impact it has on their sense of self.

Consumers feel the same sense of community when wearing branded apparel.  Whether the message is, Have a Coke and a Smile, Just Do It, Keep Calm and...On, or your own organizations logo, wearing it with pride shows others what you stand for!

As a marketer, it gives me great pleasure to help schools, companies, and non-profit organizations to design and produce logos, customized products, and brand messages that will promote them with their best foot forward.  Kids in school love to receive class T-shirts and wear them proudly showing to whom they belong!  Charities thrive on event, race, and show your support gear, which makes a true difference in individual and family lives.  Clubs and teams eagerly await the first practice, gathering, game, or competition to gear up and display their pride, accomplishments, and membership.

Promotional marketing sparks an excitement and sense of belonging like no other advertising medium.  Like a Christmas morning experience, its exhilarating to open a box of items with your own logo, brand, or marketing message! You immediately want to share that excitement by distributing the items to teammates, staff, clients, and friends.  Its personal, made for you, and stands for something you support! 

At the heart of the human spirit, we all want to belong; personalized marketing affords us that opportunity!

So, what is your brand?  Who have you shared it with lately? 

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