Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Science Behind Premiums

ASI-Advertising Specialties Institute's annual educational conference and trade show in Orlando is always enjoyable!  The Promotional Premiums Industry now exceeds $23B in annual sales in addition to the related $90B in sales of its collaborative partner known as Corporate Incentives and Gifts business. I always look forward to reconnecting with friends and colleagues and meeting new ones, learning something from one of the educational seminars, ASI leaders, a valued supplier or keynote speaker, and this year's event did not disappoint. I engaged in the fun of sharing conversations, successes, and plans for reaching goals in 2017 with fellow KB dealers from across the US and with other colleagues alike.  

Technology and packaging continue to provide inventive sales and marketing tools to enhance our go to market strategies and these will be exciting to share with existing and new clients. Virtual reality (VR) glasses introduced in the past year or so along with video greeting cards/presentation tools have expanded and improved in many ways. We will share more about these in upcoming blog articles.

After meeting the founders Origaudio, a recommended ASI supplier, I wanted to share some of "the science behind promotional products." Origaudio's founders are two young men, former co-workers at Jansport and were featured on TV's well known, entrepreneurial contestant show "Shark Tank," where they garnered a deal and partnership with Robert Herjavec. Product design and development is the primary job of Jason Lucash with whom we spoke and learned about some of the Origaudio products. Their products are all designed to be useful and provide utility along with one or more technological and/or lifestyle perks.  

From product engineering to design, colorization and chemistry, these and most other promotional products/premium ad specialties products involve many scientific aspects. Technology is involved from the use of computers in graphic design and product development to app design and implementation to operate products. The science of chemistry in mixing and creating custom colors we refer to as PMS or the Pantone Matching System provide unique colors that companies, organizations and educational institutions around the world use to uniquely identify and promote their brands. Whether it's Coca Cola's or Verizon's red, Facebook or Walmart's blue, Steeler's or Saint's gold or your own company's brand color, it is important to capture a brand standard.  Science and math are also involved in developing shapes, molds, dyes, inks, textiles, and sizes for each and every product in the promotional product world. Some also include external measurement references for added end-user utility. 

So, next time you are "inking a deal", wearing your favorite fun-run/spirit tee, scraping ice off of your window with a branded ice scraperopening a restaurant or bar/enjoying a craft beer or specialty wine from an custom etched or printed glass, locating your car keys with a TILE or like device, measuring, calculating, wearing, listening to, or demonstrating a new product with the help of our industry's products...consider the science that makes these valuable marketing tools and how they so successfully increase exposure for businesses around the globe!

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