Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Brand: A Sense of Belonging

For some, a freebie T-shirt is perfect to wear when mowing the lawn, completing a honey-do list, or sleeping in.  But for many others, that same T-shirt can mean so much more. 

Sporting a brand or team logo offers a sense of belonging and pride!  Whether its a shirt, mug, blanket, sunglasses or jersey, branding provides a sense of belonging and unity.
For hundreds of years, dedicated fans have associated themselves with brands through apparel and other logo goodies. Little league players and parents alike wear team and spirit gear with pride to support their teammates and promote sportsmanship.  From the playground to the playing field, athletes of all ages use promotional marketing without even realizing the impact it has on their sense of self.

Consumers feel the same sense of community when wearing branded apparel.  Whether the message is, Have a Coke and a Smile, Just Do It, Keep Calm and...On, or your own organizations logo, wearing it with pride shows others what you stand for!

As a marketer, it gives me great pleasure to help schools, companies, and non-profit organizations to design and produce logos, customized products, and brand messages that will promote them with their best foot forward.  Kids in school love to receive class T-shirts and wear them proudly showing to whom they belong!  Charities thrive on event, race, and show your support gear, which makes a true difference in individual and family lives.  Clubs and teams eagerly await the first practice, gathering, game, or competition to gear up and display their pride, accomplishments, and membership.

Promotional marketing sparks an excitement and sense of belonging like no other advertising medium.  Like a Christmas morning experience, its exhilarating to open a box of items with your own logo, brand, or marketing message! You immediately want to share that excitement by distributing the items to teammates, staff, clients, and friends.  Its personal, made for you, and stands for something you support! 

At the heart of the human spirit, we all want to belong; personalized marketing affords us that opportunity!

So, what is your brand?  Who have you shared it with lately? 

A New Logo for CSB Promo

We are excited to announce a change in corporate identity as we promote a new company logo for CSB Promo!

Last fall, we began engaging with a few of our graphic designers to provide ideas and options for a fresh new logo look.  After much collaboration and review of several designs, we selected this custom image designed by Aimée Abel, an accomplished artist and recent graduate of Appalachian State University. 

CSB Promos Pantone pallet


For a number of years, we used our original company name, Charlottes Social Butterfly, LLC.  As we directed our focus on promotional product sales, we established the dba CSB Promo for easier industry recognition.  Aimées design incorporates the initials CSB into the wings of a butterfly! The butterfly symbol has been part of our brand identity from the start as it symbolizes hope and new life. We feel this image also represents our goal of bringing new ideas to our clients whether project or corporately focused.  Our logo colors have also been refreshed. Purple has been a core brand color from the start but we've added brighter hues of green and blue with orange as an accent option.

In conjunction with our new logo launch, we are expanding our social media marketing. We plan to communicate with you on a more regular basis through email, our new blog  www.brandnewsandviews.blogspot.com, and other social media platforms.

As part of this social media goal, we are happy to introduce our custom marketing mascots, Joe, Buzz, and Belle shown here.

These mascots represent three lifestyle aspects that have become the center of customized living today. They will be the face of much of our social media and e-communication efforts moving forward. 

Customization...It's Everywhere!

Whether it’s the arrangement of your smart phone apps, iTunes music selection, the temperature of your house, the name on your coffee cup, or anything in between, there are countless opportunities for customization in this day and age!  Modern lifestyles revolve around convenience and personal satisfaction, so your business must cater to these values in order to succeed! A business, campaign, or event can become a thriving household name if it is marketed with the contemporary necessity of customization.

 Small and mid-size businesses are on the rise! That means that we are spending more of our own money on marketing. Since every dollar counts, strategy is key! Newspaper, TV and Radio advertising can get expensive quickly. The reach of these outlets is often wide and generic, so creating a lasting impact is neither affordable nor effective for smaller businesses. If you want to personally connect with prospects and clients to introduce your brand and meet their needs, then stand out! It takes customization!

Larger companies like Coke, Apple, and Disney have paved the way with customized promotional and branded retail products. Delivery, sales, and crew teams are instructed to wear their company logo while on the job. Staff members are awarded with logo products, and packaging is thoughtfully designed and branded as to create the highest impact. Branding with advertising specialty products is a great way to build recognition in the marketplace and has proven to provide great growth for companies who use them. These branded marketing tools have leveled the playing field by putting the same branding power into the hands of every business owner. Reach your clients in a memorable way and integrate yourself into their everyday lives! It’s time to get started with your next campaign.

At CSB Promo, we specialize in customized marketing. Through personal client conversation we construct our strategy by answering the following questions…
  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • What message are you hoping to send about your company, brand, event, or services?

Our sales & marketing strategies are custom, creative, and cost effective! Our tools include graphic design, print, promotional programs, videos, social media promotions, banners, and event/campaign marketing tools.

Call us at 704-708-5088. We’d love to become your integrated marketing team or an extension of your internal marketing department!

Charlotte’s Social Butterfly – Angela Pope
Angela is a Marketing Strategist, Business Owner, and Musician based in Charlotte, NC

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